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Outdated exterior and parking structure lighting is not only ugly and costly but more importantly… unsafe. Let our team of professionals, led by a Master Electrician with 3+ decades of experience, transform your exterior spaces, improve your bottom line, lower maintenance costs and increase safety for customers and employees.

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Transform Your Interior, Exterior and Parking Structure Lighting For:

“Research from the U.S. Department of Justice indicates that well-lit parking lots experience an average of 27% lower incidence of car break-ins and a 38% reduction in theft and other crime.”

- Federal Health

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Nova’s Commitment to You

Fresh, modern spaces and cost savings are a big benefit when it comes to upgraded exterior and parking lot lighting. But the truth is that properly maintaining the lighting in your spaces can literally save lives. Less crime occurs in well-lit areas. Not to mention, in the case of an emergency, everyone needs bright and clear indicators of how to get to safety. This is what drives me. This is what gets our team up in the morning. As a business owner myself and someone who has been in this business for 30+ years,, I understand the business side of things. However, the human element is what matters most. Choose to work with Nova and I promise my team and I will put thoughtful consideration into how we can have the biggest positive impact on: your bottom line, your company’s brand image, and the safety of your customers and employees.

-Jeremy Thompson, Owner & Founder

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